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Maha Beera Seeds – Joints & Knee Pain – 100g


Maha Beera Seeds is the powerful herb available on this earth for various health benefits. Though it is widely used to cure Joint and Knee Pains and Male Reproductive System there are many other benefits as follows…

Benefits of Maha Beera Seeds
Nutritional Supplementation, Anti Oxidant, Gut Health, Hydration Benefits, Respiratory Health, Knee Pains, Gouty Arthritis, Skin Infections And Allergies, Weight Loss, Pest Control, Antibacterial And Antifungal, Male Reproductive System, Wound Healing, Immunity Booster and Muscle Relaxant.

Other Names of Maha Beera Seeds
Mahabeera seeds, Beera Ginjalu, Vana tulsi, Pignut seeds, Vilati Tulsi seeds, Talmakan seeds, Chan seeds

Always consult your ayurvedic doctor for better prescription. Higher dosage may result in negative effects.

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