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Desi Cow Ghee – Rathi Cow – Hand Churned: 200g


Hand churned Rathi Desi Cow Ghee from 24 Farms is of a premium quality with natural aroma. This is made exclusively from Rathi Cow milk of A2 type. Rathi cow is an ancient desi cow popular with good medicinal values.

A2 Ghee is prepared in traditional method
1) Milk is collected from Rathi cow
2) Milk is boiled and cooled at room temperature
3) Milk is fermented to curd by adding a spoon of butter milk
4) Curd is churned to convert to butter milk and this forms cheese
5) Cheese is boiled in mud pot to make Ghee

Ghee made with the above traditional method gives more medicinal values and natural aroma. Put one drop of ghee in each nostril before sleep. This cleans lungs and nerve system and removes bad cloistral. Works as a natural detoxicant. Regular consumption reduces unwanted fat thus helps in weight loss.

Product Net Weight: 200 Grams

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