Multi Millet Laddu

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Mixed Millet Ghee Laddu Mix – Gluten-free: 250g


Mixed millet laddu flour is gluten free from 24 Farms which is home made in traditional way. This consists of multiple millets flour which are unpolished and organic.

This laddu flour is gluten-free, crunchy and aromatic with the presence of jaggery, unpolished millets, dry fruits, seeds, ghee and spices. These are healthy due to the presence of nutrients, minerals and rich fiber as carries all the goodness of millets and jaggery.

1) Millets – Sorghum, Pearl, Foxtail, Barnyard and Kodo Millet
2) Seeds – Flax seeds, Ground nuts, Water melon seeds,
3) Dry Fruits – Almonds, Cashew nuts,
4) Jaggery
5) Ghee
6) Cardamom

How to make Laddu:
1) Take the flour into a vessel
2) Mix sufficient amount of Ghee to form the binding
3) Press and roll to get laddu shape

Product Net Weight: 250 Grams

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