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Black Gram – Whole – Unpolished: Natural: 500g


Edible Black gram or Urad dal – unpolished dal from “24 Farms”, Also called as ‘Minumulu’ in Telugu.

More Natural Than Organic.

Produced in a way where it’s more Natural than Organic, which is called as ‘PODU Vyavasaayam’ in Telugu. PODU is the type of agriculture in which the rural tribal people are adapting hills as their cultivating lands and grow the seasonal crops for their livelihood and trade in the local markets.

Product Net Weight: 500 Grams

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Black Gram Whole – Urad Dal – Polished: Natural: 500g


More Natural Than Organic:

Urad Dal from “24 Farms”, Also called as ‘Minumulu’ or ‘Minapa Gullu’ in Telugu. (Also known as black gram, black lentil, Hindi: urad, Gujarati: adad)

Product Net Weight: 500 Grams

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