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Kidney Millet Pack – 7Kg


Kidney Millet Pack – 7Kg


Kidney health millet pack comes with the combination of natural millet rice cultivated and harvested at 24 Farms.

This pack is designed as per Dr. Khadar Vali’s speeches available in the public domain.

Little Millet Rice – Consume on DAY1 and DAY2
Kodo Millet Rice – Consume on DAY3 and DAY4
Foxtail Millet Rice – Consume on DAY5
Barnyard Millet Rice – Consume on DAY6
Browntop Millet Rice – Consume on DAY7 

Repeat the above sequence from the 8th day

Apart from the millet rice, Dr. Khadar Vali also recommends to use the below kashayam

Week 1 – Parijatham Leaf Kashayam
Week 2 – Coriander Leaf Kashayam
Week 3 – Punarnava Leaf Kashayam
Week 4 – Ranapala Leaf Kashayam
Week 5 – Nelanalli Leaf Kashayam

Repeat the same sequence of kashayam from 6th week onwards.

NOTE: This packet doesn’t contain the kashaya leaf. This only comes with Millets.

Contents of the Packet:

Little Millet Rice: 2 Kg
Kodo Millet Rice: 2 Kg
Foxtail Millet Rice: 1 Kg
Barnyard Millet Rice: 1 Kg
Brown Top Millet Rice: 1 Kg

Product Net Weight: 7 Kg

Minimum Order Quantity(MOQ): 1 Pack

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