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Mango Jelly Bar – 500g


Mango Jelly Bar – 500g


Home Made Mango Jelly Bar from 24 Farms:

  • Home Made: Mango Jelly is made from ripen mangoes at villages without adding any preservatives and chemicals.
  • Natural Mango Jelly Bar: Made with the ripe mangoes juice by sun drying the juice.
  • Handmade in rural kitchens: Made by self-help groups, women entrepreneurs in rural areas. For every Mango Jelly Bar you buy, 60% goes back to the self help women groups of rural downtrend areas.
  • Farm sourced: The best quality mangoes are sourced from the farms
  • All-natural: no added colour and preservatives.

Product Net Weight: 500 Grams

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Tamarind – Imli – 200g


Tamarind – Imli – 200g


Tamarind or Imli is extracted from Tamarind tree a native tree of India. This is widley used in food making(curries and Chutneys) and medicine making across India.


  • May help to treat constipation, liver and gallbladder problems, and stomach disorders.
  • May help to treat colds and fever.
  • May help to treat pregnancy-related nausea.
  • May help to treat intestinal worms for children
  • Thick paste of tamarind seeds is used as a cast for broken bones.
  • An extract of tamarind seeds is used in eye drops for dry eyes.

Product Net Weight: 200 Grams

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