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Aswagandha Powder – 100g


Aswagandha Powder – 100g


Ashwagandha benefits the human body in various ways and is a highly used and important herb in Ayurveda.

Ashwagandha benefits both the body and brain. It’s known to lower blood sugar, reduce stress levels, help with anxiety or depression. It additionally improves brain function and concentration.

The name Ashwagandha means “smell of the horse” in Sanskrit, which refers to its distinct smell and its ability to enhance strength. Ashwagandha is also called Indian Ginseng.

Consume a very little volume 5 mg of this powder with honey with empty stomach early morning and before going to bed in the night. This also can be taken as kashayam. Mix half spoon of this powder in hot water and consume after the water becomes warm.

Always consult your ayurvedic doctor for better prescription. Higher dosage may result in negative effects.

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