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Ginger Allam Pickle – Natural and Home Made – 400g


Ginger or Allam Pickle from 24 Farms is Home made with no preservatives.

Ginger pickle is pickled with edible ginger is also known as king of spices with excellent ayurvedic benefits.

We help the rural farmers to preserve and carry forward the great Indian tradition of pickle making practices to our next generations.

We help the native farmers to make and preserve the great tradition of native pickles to our next generations.

Product Net Weight: 400 Grams

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Ginger Honey – 250g


Ginger Honey – 250g


Ginger honey is a unique and authentic brand from 24 farms for their own customers. Ginger extract is infused into the raw honey to add the ginger benefits to honey. No chemicals and preservatives are involved in this process.

Usage Directions:

  • For Sore throat take 5 to 10 ml in your palm and lick slowly for effective relief
  • For cold and cough take lukewarm water and add 10 ml of Ginger honey. Sip and Swallow slowly
  • For indigestion, bloating and gastric discomfort take 1 spoon after meals/heavy meals.

Natural Honey may crystallize over a period of time. It is a natural characteristic of Natural honey. Place the crystallized honey in a bowl of warm water to reuse.

Not meant for consumption for children below 1 year.

Product Net Weight: 250 Grams

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